Watercolour Leopard painting

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That Look

Watercolour is one of the most unforgiving mediums an artist can use.  There is little or no room for error when working with watercolours and in this short blog you can see the work taking form as I go through the various stages of the work.

The unseen work is the research and prior sketches before a final image is created which is all the background work that can take as long if not longer than the actual work.

At this stage the only thing I am considering is the Leopard itself and how it will look, the complete layout and whether or not the background will will impact on the image itself.

The Leopard is starting to look to look more defined as layer after layer of watercolour is built up to create darker tones and depth of colour and the shadow under the cat is taking form.

With the final layers of colour added and allowing the paper itself to create part of the image I have decided that I like the idea of a "Clean" background which is not quite as easy as it sounds but it does create a more vivid and intense image concentrating on the Leopard itself.

"That Look" original watercolour

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