Big book of painting

"The big book of painting" showing an artist doing a paint by numbers of "the singing butler" by Jack Vettriano.

Being accused of copying a painting you have never seen is quite a feat but to be accused by Jack Vettriano and his London Gallery of "Stealing" art and threatening to ruin you is quite something.  So what do you do when one of the most prominent artists tries to ruin you. Use art to fight back and that is why "big book of painting" was born.

The BBC called me to ask if I had read the Daily Record that had ran an article showing that Jack Vettriano had used a how to book for one of his most famous paintings.  Well I thought that was a bit off since they tries to ruin me for alleged copying to find out Vettriano had copied his own paintings from how to draw books.  The irony was just too much.

So I set about a new painting depicting an artist painting "The singing butler" paint by numbers, which to me seemed to be appropriate.

Next thing I know is the Daily Record was running the story of how an impoverished artist fought against millionaire artist that has made a career out of fighting "the establishment" had in fact done the very thing he had bleated about for his whole career.