Art commissions

Lion and the lambPortrtait of a child

Portraits landscapes & ideas

Commissions are always flexible since every one is different and can usually work within your brief without too much trouble.  The terms are for a deposit before any work starts on you art.  Commissions come in all shapes and sizes and even the subject matter is entirely up to you, as you can see there are portraits, personalities, racing, favourite landscape and in the case of the black and white scene with the red brolly and red coat.

So you see it can be landscapes, portraits, motorbikes, racing cars, footballers, landscapes, cityscapes and make it into something special and totally unique to you.  A commission is more than just an image of an individual or place it is your one off work of art. It is capturing that essential one thing that makes you an individual.  Whether it is a look or body language it can be captured in a work of art and not the slavish  detail of a mere photograph.

All commissions are personal and please get in touch by email and discuss what you would like and then have the work will be tailored to you but also the knowledge that you helped create this unique work of art that  will give you a warm feeling every time you look at it.

Prices vary and as personal as the work you commission and with interest free payments for larger works you can easily spread the cost.

If you have a question please feel free to contact me