Glasgow Art Fair

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Glasgow Art Fair

Kelvin Grove Art Gallery

A gorgeous sunny day in May perfect weather for an art fair and the tent was busy.

I like to attend Art Fairs to see what is new and what other artists are creating and I am ususaly surprised by at least one piece but today I thought it was all the same as the last art fair everyone played safe.

From Highland "Coos" that have been given names to landscapes that are inspired by Jolomo and of course we now have multi coloured animals in abstract hoping to latch onto "Steven Brown" and his success online.

There were sales which is important because these events are not cheap but they can bring a decent reward if the right people walk through the doors.

The one gallery that I really liked was Robertson Fine Art and their paintings especially the cover of "Night at the Opera" the cover of the Queen album, I am a Queen fan, it was the most eye catching work on display.

Although it is a small venue it looks like it was successful for the people working there but as usual I would hope that the artists selling their own work would learn to make eye contact and talk to people on the stand.

Simply "Hello" is all that is needed.

I was on several stands and no one even came near, now I am not the most attractive looking person but a simple hello to everyone no matter what is always, always, the first step and in the end I had to force a stall holder to talk to me and it was the most awkward moment of the day.

Only the girl on the Robertson stand said hello and smiled and made conversation which says a lot about the gallery.

All in all, not bad but I wish them well and hope it can come back as the big event it used to be, there are galleries in Scotland and artists that need the help and attention of art lovers.

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