Red Coat Art

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I have been interested in monotone work for some time now and it stems from my love of old black and white films with te harsh lighting and intense shadows.

When I first did one of my black and white paintings the gallery and framers I used told me it was a waste of time to frame it and should just take it out and burn it.  Well despite this well intentioned advice I continued and framed the work and another gallery sold it the day before my first solo show opened and Peter Howson attended and was very flattering about my work.

The point of the gallery commenting on my work is that no matter what you are the artist and the art is yours so be brave and go for it.

The other part is I was asked to create an oil painting live in a gallery for breast cancer a charity I have supported for a long time, it was at this show that I painted and oil of a woman with her naked back to the viewer and I gave her a pink ribbon in her hair in support of breast cancer.

This painting was sold at auction as soon as it was finished and realised a very high price for the painting it also started me off in another direction creating back and white paintings with a touch of red and have been creating them since 2002.

This is the creative spirit working its way to creating art and the ever-changing ideas of the artist.

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