Paris Red Coat

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Paris Red Coat

20 x 20 ins acrylics on canvas

I love vibrant cities where there is always activity and people bustling around and then I just take them all out of the setting altogether.

Creating an atmospheric image is what I am after and I love old black and white films with the exaggerated lighting and this is a great influence on he work, even though I do not use films as a source of ideas they are always buzzing about in my head and affecting all the work I do no matter what the subject.

The lone figure in red is sometimes featured with a brolly and hat varies from black to red depending on the setting and just how the painting feels, which might be a bit arty but the painting has to feel alive, there is nothing worse than a dead painting where I haves lavished all the time on one portion of the work and forgotten to make it live.

I hope this painting is alive to you and that the atmosphere and lighting draw you into the painting where you can lose yourself for hours.

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