Artfinder J P McLaughlin

I love to paint and creating a new work always gives me a buzz, no matter what, even if it is only a small sketch.
I have had exhibitions in Spain, France and across the UK and have work in collections in the USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Australia, Ireland and across the UK.
Uk exhibitions include London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester, Aberdeen, Glasgow and many other towns and cities.
My art has supported many charities through auctions and donations of my work.

Every painting starts out with a plan but that is only a guideline because as soon as I start the painting takes on a life of its own and develops as new ideas or touches on the canvas create a certain mood of their own.
Whether working in oils or acrylics glazing creates a depth in the work that can only be achieved by working and reworking the same areas and repainting until it finally looks right, there is no time limit on how long it takes and I have no idea just how many days or weeks are spent on an individual work I just keep going until I sign it and then it is done.

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