Bleak Mid Winter, J P McLaughlin
Bleak Mid Winter, J P McLaughlin
J P Mclaughlin Art

Bleak Mid Winter, J P McLaughlin

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Bleak Mid Winter.

Watercolour of Tommy Shelby well dressed and well heeled and his comanding presence needs no other images around him to show his determination in his stride.

The painting is 13 x 20 inches on Bockingford paper and is supplied unframed.

Tommy reflected on the Battle of the Somme when the Shelby brothers were surrounded by the enemy with no ammunition and little chance of survival, realising they were dead men waiting.

They agreed if they survived, they would live the rest of their lives knowing it was a blessing.   Tommy reminded Arthur about France and encouraged him not to grieve as he had died that day at the Battle of the Somme.

The quote “In the Bleak Midwinter” symbolises their second chance at life coming to an end.

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